Life in the Sudan

So, heard from my friend Ryan Bostick today, who is living life down in the Sudan. I believe when he left he told his mom something like, "Don’t worry, where I’m going they already had the genocide, so it’ll be safe."

Anyway, here’s a piece from his latest dispatch: You decide whether you feel silly about wondering if the homeless guy on the corner is going to try to carjack you.

Andy: How safe is it there?
Ryan: Depends on the day. I’d say it’s safe 99% of the time but things change quickly. Usually the NGO’s have time to evacuate and even then we aren’t the targets. All they want is our stuff. I walk around at night with a computer and a radio no problem. People smile and say hi. Safe unless the tribes start fighting. You do see alot of guns though. So an arguement can lead the wrong direction quickly.

Here are some pics.

img_0266_2.JPG yubu-006_2.JPG img_0242_2.JPG

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