Why You Can’t Predict Viral

Over at Spring Creek Group, we often get asked by clients if we can build something "viral" that will explode like the treadmill guys or the Diet Coke / Mentos mad scientists.  It’s hard to explain that you can’t make viral happen.  Unless you are so clever, that it looks like you are purposely NOT trying to be viral.   

I don’t know if this was a direct attempt at mass blog acceptance, but today I point you to Drivl.com, a web site that has seated itself in my bookmarks with armed bodyguards.

Speciifically, I point you to this article, "Why I’ll Never Make Digg." Well at the time of this writing, she has 7,205 Diggs, tops in the last hours.  So not only did she accomplish everything she said she couldn’t do,she did it so well that it renders the article irrelevant.  Forget Alannis Morisette.  This my friends, is irony.  And great Social Media.

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