The Importance of a URL That Makes Sense

I’ll preface this with two notes:
1) I don’t like picking on marketing or advertising teams in this blog.
2) I have no data to tell me that these guys aren’t geniuses whose campaign is killing it.

But, I want to use this ad at Century Link Field to show why a good url is important.

I have seen the ad about 30 times now, have made comments out loud, took a picture, started to write a blog post, and STILL can’t remember the url.


You can do 100 better things with this url.
1) Buy and redirect it to your crazy url

2) Buy an offshoot, such as

3) Build a page such as

4-100) etc…

For all I know, trips to Tanzania from Seattle have increased 120x and they are going to send me an email telling me why I’m wrong.  Even if they have, I’d encourage marketers to grab a url that makes sense before investing 6-7 figures in a stadium deal.


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