Where are all the Blog Posts?

So I’m getting this question a lot.

“I thought you were some sort of social media guy. In fact, I thought you were part of a start-up that helps bloggers. What’s with your blog with no updates?”

Excellent question. Easy answers.

There are a few different places where I’m publishing these days.

  • For thoughts on start-ups and content marketing, I suggest you check out my posts over on the Relaborate blog.
  • For some coomentary on social media and marketing, you can check out my occasional posts on the Social3i blog.
  • For great insight to start-up marketing, I urge you to read the great content being produced by the UW MBA students in the Entrepreneurial Marketing class I teach.  They’re producing some great stuff on the blog there.

Sadly, AndyBoyer.com falls 4th on the list.  We’ll try to get some content up here, but feel free to check out the other sites as well.

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