Is it Too Dangerous to Speak Politically in 2020?

We’re less than two months away from the Presidential election. I’ve been a moderate all of my life, so while I’ve been interested in Nov 3 in the past, I’ve never been hell bent to support one candidate over the other. Sure I’ve had people I favor, but it’s never been something where I think the fate of the Union depends on my vote.

Welcome to 2020. I won’t share my presidential opinions here. Because that would distract from the main question of this piece – Are we even able to ask each other about their political opinions?

In my Seattle Covid-19 bubble, conversation about candidates would center around topics such as a failed pandemic response, failure to be honest, failure to grasp difficult subjects, failure to listen experts, failure to believe in science, well you get the point.

But there are areas of the country where giant percentages of people would say the Democratic candidate is a career politician, old, senile, and a China lover who won’t leave his his basement.

(We will save the argument of whether people should be leaving their homes for a political rally for another day.)

But my question is whether we can even discuss it together? I have multiple friends and colleagues who are deleting and unfollowing family and friends for their political posts. People seem to be not just entrenched in their decision, but ready to hate people who have an alternative point of view.

So a simple blog like this… Can I share some opinions?

No way.

I hope we all can get together soon. Maybe it will require a national disaster…. oh never mind we already have that.

So look, if you support the other candidate than I do, I may think you are kind of nuts, but I’m ready to listen to your point of view. And if I’ve played soccer or softball with you for the last 10-20 years, I won’t think less of you, just be bummed that we can’t play sports with each other. And maybe one day we’ll have a national plan to fight the pandemic that actually seems like it was written by competent people and we will be able to hang out with each other again.

In the meantime, I’ll stay neutral. I don’t want to inflame anyone with a discussion about science or facts. Be safe everyone.

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