Well, That Was Unsettling

I don’t really have anything poignant or eloquent to say about the events of Jan 6, 2020. To be honest, I just feel like I need to write something that I can refer back to in 5, 10 or 20 years.

Just recapping the day in my head seems like I am writing a fictional story.

  1. Congress is meeting for the straight-forward task of counting the electoral votes that were cast by states, validated by Secretaries of State, and signed off on by each Governor.
  2. A sitting President encourages members of his party to invalidate the count.
  3. The same sitting President asks his Vice-President, to invalidate the count.
  4. A rally of supporters from across the country, listen to speeches from among others, the CEO of MyPillow and the disgraced lawyer who got caught in a hotel room with a minor in a Borat movie.
  5. Said President encourages the crowd to march to Capitol Hill and fight for what was right (paraphrasing here).
  6. The crowd goes to the Capitol, stomps around a while, and then attack it.
  7. Said President goes back to the White House.
  8. The crowd breeches the Capitol, and while some people are just caught up in the enthusiasm, others are clearly looking for specific targets.
  9. Capitol Police are forced to shoot someone attempting to climb through a window to get to members of Congress.
  10. Despite a mob attacking the place where the current VP, future VP, and all of Congress is located, the President is not moved to a secure location.
  11. The crowd eventually just turns into a group of idiot spring breakers raiding a hotel, stealing what they can grab and taking selfies.
  12. The crowd eventually leaves, but an officer is dead and 3 other people besides the woman who tried to jump through the window.

This has to be the low point. In a few weeks, we will have real adults running the country again. They won’t be perfect, and some people will hate them, but they will at least be adults.

In some way, my biggest takeaway from these last four years, is that this is how the country would be run if we had no President. It’s like if you were 12 and your parents went away for four years, and yet you survived. When a new relative came to take care of you, think of how much better off you’d end up.

I don’t know what to say. Storming the Capitol is something I never imagined could happen. Now I wonder what unbreakable barrier comes down next.

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