Product Review – The Wii is that good

It really is the video game answer for parents to invest in. First
off, the games are simple enough that kids and grownups are equally as
awkward. There’s nothing worse than trying to compete witha 10 year old
in a skateboarding or snowboarding game and having the little munchkin
land a 1080 flux capacitor while you can’t figure out which button
turns you straight.

Second, it really is exercise. I’m no marathon runner, but I’m not a
couch ornament either. And about 6 minutes into my tennis match, I took
off my long sleeve shirt.

Next, the customization borders on the insane. If police units had
this kind of avatar creation for identification purposes, we wouldn’t’t
have any criminals running the streets. You really find out what others
think of how you look when you are arguing for a set of sophisticated
eyebrows and an 8 year old puts a rosebush across your avatar’s

The graphics are basic but fun, and the price point is low enough
that every household should have one. Don’t think of it as a video
game, think of it as the back yard you no longer can afford to own.

not a gamer, but I now own an Xbox 360. Granted, all I play is Soccer
and Basketball, so I’m hardly considered an expert. But I had the
chance to mess around with the Wii with 3 kids and 4 parents.

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