Bonanzle Review – “The Best eBay Alternative We’ve Seen”

Bonanzle, a young and exciting company we recently started working with, just received a fantastic review from

An alternative to Craiglist and Ebay, Bonanzle is designed to make it easier for people to buy and sell products online.  Given the state and direction of the economy today, any way to make it easier to move used merchandise is positioned to do well.  Some choice quotes from the article:

“You get Bonanzle
— an eBay alternative that is quite simply, the best I’ve seen in my
four years of reviewing and writing about start-up marketplaces aimed
at taking sellers away from eBay.”

The Bonanzle platform was designed in-house from
the ground up, so not only does the site look very different from other
alternative sites, but this is the reason why the tools and features on
this site are so radically different.

The best way to experience Bonanzle is simply to log
on and try it. What you will find is that Harding and his team of
self-titled “action-minded experts” have managed to offer sellers more
features in this one site than any alternative to date, yet keep the
entire site and selling process simple, compact and super-easy to use.

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  1. There are many great alternatives to ebay, its up to us to get them to the top. Ebay will fall its only a matter of time, and whatever site happens to be there at the time … will benefit in huge ways. So support your favorite ebay alternative … this is the only way to turn things around.

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