Iceland Day Three-ish

There will be a series of rather long posts as more time presents itself.  If you want to cheat and see the preview version of the first three-ish days in Iceland, check out the pics on my Facebook page.

I say three-ish, because it’s hard to really keep track of days when it never gets dark.  We landed about 6:00am Sunday in Iceland.  So the pics begin at around 8:00am at the Blue Lagoon, then inlcude some random shots, and then really pick back up again Monday night on a tour of Geysir and Goldfoss (waterfall).  It really doesn’t get dark here.  Around 11:00pm, if it’s dark, cars need to use headlights, but you could still play a game of catch without any problem.

Off to Aukreyri (sp?) on the North coast today (Tuesday).  More soon.

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