2 Weeks to Rock and Roll Half-Marathon

I was recently asked the following. “So, after the lip surgery, funky knee thing, bizarre disc thing in your back, and freakazoid frostbite incident with the dry ice, did you finally accept that the fates are telling you to bail out of the 1/2 Marathon?”

Well, I’m actually THAT stubborn. I’m not bailing out.  I just stopped writing about the training.  

There’s no question that I’m going to be one of the slower perfromers.  I’ve done a few 8 mile runs so far, and it’s clear that while 13 miles will be doable, my time is not going to be impressive.

But with 2 weeks left, there’s still time for some slight improvements.  Barring any other “out of left field injuries,” look for some results here 2 weeks from today.

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