If You’re Going to Spam Me, Just Get Close

http://web-impressions.net/fister/3668 I’ma marketing guy, so I’m ok with targeted spam. I get it. It’s hard for sale people to get good leads, so blasting the heck out of potential customers, with a relevant message, in hopes of stumbling across someone looking for your services, well that doesn’t offend me all that much.

http://energocredit.am/sdsd/3058 And I’m even ok with auto-email programs that insert my company’s name into a generic email to make it look like they were specifically looking for me.

partnersuche bad reichenhall But the key word up there is, “relevant.”

go to link Best described as, “opposite of relevant,” this email doesn’t make any sense at all.

http://www.imagesense.com.au/?fenfis=rencontres-en-ligne-danger&5d5=72 vindicia

http://armor-deck.net/edikpedik/7423 “Subscription companies like University of Washington have a common issue, dating questions fun churn due to failed credit card transactions. Most of the time these failures happen at no fault of your customer.”

24option einzahlungsmethoden Well I had no idea. Thank goodness someone finally figured out the issue plaguing universities across the country – the students are churning out due to bad credit cards. I thought it was a decrease in state spending, an excessive amount of tenured professors or a drop in donations. Turns out it’s the credit cards. Who knew?!

follow site It’s too bad I don’t know the person at the UW who is in charge of keeping all the parents’ credit cards on file. Seems like we could solve some real problems.

http://weselny-duet.pl/visre/pieor/153 6e3f21a2a4fdeb2c7a6bbf434c8b147f Addendum:

enter For example, here’s some spam that actually could be relevant.